Perth Paradise and Sugar Beach, Sipalay, Negros: BB’s Summer Sweet Escape

Way back 2014 my girlfriends and I decided to finally check the underrated Sipalay on our travel bucket list. We were so thirsty for adventure and the beach vibe that time that we ended up spending our long weekend in a less crowded and not so popular part of Negros Occidental, the Sipalay.

That was supposed to be a 2 day 1 night trip but eventually became a 1 day tour since everything was compressed to fit in just a day. We started our tour so early that morning and eventually ventured about 5 beautiful spots of Sipalay for about 10 hours. Though we enjoyed so much our company and the adventures we had there, there’s a feeling of ‘bitin’ whenever we leave a spot. So, I told myself that I’m gonna go back here one day spending a night or two maybe. And so, it happened just a month ago! I was in this place once again, and I had just enough time to enjoy each moment and each breathtaking view.

We had this unplanned adventure one Thursday night of May, 2018 when we missed the last trip of ferry from Bacolod Port going back to Iloilo. Since we were already in Bacolod, my boyfriend and I agreed to travel going to Sipalay. It’s rare that he agreed to go on an adventure with me (happy kid here🤗) so I gradually grab this opportunity.

The average travel time to Sipalay is about 4-5 hours. So we decided to leave Bacolod City at around 1:30 in the morning for us to reach Sipalay at 5-6 am, just the right time to start the tour at 7 am. Both of us were actually asleep the whole period of travel and the bus driver was the one who woke us up at 4 am already in Sipalay proper. We didn’t expect to reached our destination that fast! So, we started the escape with a cup of coffee together with the other bus drivers at the sari-sari store near the Bus station while waiting for Mr. Sun to come out.

Perth Paradise Resort

As seen on social media, Perth paradise Resort is one of the most photograph resorts in Sipalay. The unspoiled islets that are scattered in blue-green waters make it a great picturesque backdrop. These can be seen at the hilltop of the resort wherein an infinity pool is perfectly situated for a breath-taking view.

At 5:30 am a tricycle driver approached us and offered a trip going to Pert Paradise Resort for the amount of 300 pesos and an additional 200 pesos for Tinagong dagat and Sugar Beach. Since that was so early and no other tricycles were available, we jumped in and directly went to Perth. This resort is located at Sitio Sambulawan, Brgy. 4, about a kilometer away from the town proper. Expect a bumpy ride in going there because the road isn’t paved yet.

Upon arrival at the resort, our excitement turned to disappointment because the resort was still close. Duh! that was 5:30 am and the resort opens at 6:00 and the infinity pool opens at 7:00 am. We tried to call for someone on duty there for some queries, but no one was there to answer us. So, we waited for about 20 minutes and then the caretaker/guard opened the gates. He ushered us inside the resort and we asked if we could already go up the hill and if we could use the infinity pool. There was no response about the use of the pool so we assumed that its a Yes!!




Lucky us, we have the pool all to ourselves. The early birds really catches the worm. The view here did relaxed our body and mind from a very tiring trip we had. The long wait was so worth it.lrm_export_20180531_2250339129570198561677829.jpgSugar Beach

Prior to this trip we made a reservation in one of the resorts in Sipalay, the Driftwood Resort Village in Sugar Beach. For the information of everyone, Sipalay has two major beaches; the Sugar beach and Punta Ballo. Several resorts are found in these beaches and most of them offers diving and snorkeling as underwater activities.

The sand in Sugar beach really is sugar-like (the brown sugar one). No tourists or bakasyonistas were in the long stretch of the beach when we came, and it felt like we own the beach again. Affordable, artsy and laid-back vibe beach front resorts are found here such as the Taka tuka lodge, Sulu Garden, and Driftwood Village Resort.

We chose to stay overnight in Driftwood Village Resort, Sugar Beach because of it’s popularity among backpackers. The resort offers reasonable rates that suits the budget of every traveller. We booked one of the non-aircon private room with bathroom good for 2 at 900/night. The laid-back ambiance of the resort is what I really like. The lush garden and big tress in the resort made it more relaxing to stay. The bahay kubo where we stayed reminds me of the simple life of Filipinos living in most far flung barangays of our country. We enjoyed staying in the small veranda of the bahay kubo where we used to chill in the duyan and sofa made of kawayan. I also love the idea of using a mosquito net and electric lampara in this house.





We also went to Takatuka Lodge- Beach and Dive Resort to have lunch and see its ingenious style. Takatuka is nestled right on the prestine Sugar Beach facing the clear blue sea. What I like about this resort is its unique design bursting with colors. Each corner is picture worthy. Unlucky, we were not allowed to enter the 12 themed bungalow and rooms where unique and colorful designs are found.

With good weather, tourists could expect beautiful sunsets here in Sugar beach since it’s facing west.

Our Sipalay Itinerary and Budget Breakdown

This itinerary and budget is a group of two. If you want to follow this, you will be splitting the cost and feel free to make changes to suit your preferences and schedules.

Day 1: Bacolod-Sipalay

1:30 am- from South Terminal take bus going to Sipalay- P209

4:30 am- Arrival time in Sipalay

5:30 am- take tricycle going to Perth Paradise Resort- P300

6:00 am- arrival at Perth Paradise Resort

6:30 am- swimming and sight seeing at Perth -P80 entrance, P100 use of pool

8:30 am- tricycle ride from Perth to Sugar Beach -additional P200 for the same tricycle

9:00 am- boat transfer to directly to Driftwood Village- P200

9:10 am- Arrival in Sugar Beach

9:20 am-Check in at Driftwood Village Resort P900 for 2pax

9:30 am- Rest

1:00pm- Lunch at Takatuka Lodge-Beach and Dive Resort – P770

3:00 pm- Explore the Sugar Beach

5:00 pm -swim/laze on the beach

7:00pm- Dinner at Driftwood Village- P400 2pax

8:00 pm- Lights off

Day 2 – Departure

7:00 am – check out

7:30 am – Boat to Poblacion Beach- P200 2 pax

8:00 am – Bus to Bacolod- P209 each

1:00 pm – Lunch-P300 2pax

2:00 pm- taxi to Port-P90 for 2pax

3:00 pm- Bacolod to Iloilo- P280 each

5:00 pm- arrival in Iloilo

This itineray will cost each person P 2, 600-P3,000. You may visit Tinagong Dagat after Perth Paradise and just spend P30 for entrance fee.



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