What to Expect in The New Island of Boracay

When talking about long white beach, sparkling turquoise water, raving parties from dusk ’til dawn, thrilling water activities, and beautiful sunrises and sunset; say it and most likely Boracay beach has it. Undeniably, the 10 square kilometer Island of Boracay is considered as one of the best tourists destinations not just in the Philippines but in all over the world.

For the past decades, locals and tourists crowd in Boracay island especially on summer vacations. Due to thousands of tourists every year; hotels, malls, resorts, shops, restaurants, and other business establishments appeared like mushrooms in the island. What worries the Department of Tourism and other government agencies like NEDA is the poor awareness towards preserving mother nature that greatly affects ecosystem. The improper waste management of the these business establishments, private residences surrounding the island, and the laziness of locals and tourists to maintain cleanliness are some of the reasons why the it needs rehabilitation. If not given attention and solution, it would destroy the island’s beauty that would also kill the livelihood of both small and big businesses in the end.

Thanks to those who initiate in the prevention and rehabilitation on the island over the medium term and sustainable management in the log-term. After 6 months of rehabilitation last year 2018, Boracay island was opened to local and foreign tourists and now ready to show its natural beauty again; the beauty that every tourists would want to see over and over again.


I have been to this paradise for so many times, and this time I can say that Boracay Island is at its best. I can now perfectly see long white beach without any obstructions. No more beach huts and beach beds lined under coconut trees and no more plastics scattered everywhere. The sparkling turquoise water is now clearer and inviting. Paraw boats that offers water activities are not allowed to stay close to the beach. Shops and peddlers are banned from peddling their goods on the beach. These are just some of the things you will notice when you visit Boracay. It turns out that the Island became more serene and cleaner because of the rules that needs to be followed by each of the people staying here.

From being a famous party Island of the Philippnes, the new Boracay island is now a perfect peaceful beach getaway.



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