What to See In Bohol Countryside Tours

Wen talking about Bohol, Philippines, all we could think is the famous Chocolate Hills right? A month ago I planned of visiting Cebu as a solo backpacker this time. I just want to explore the places I’ve never been to especially in South Cebu. As I searched for places to visit in Cebu, I suddenly thought of including Bohol in this itinerary. And because I really want to see the Chocolate Hills I finally decide to booked a ferry, a hostel, and a tour package in Bohol. Thanks to Klook and Agoda for making this trip easy and hassle free. I was was able to got a slot in the join in one day tour of the best of Bohol’s countryside tour via Klook for the amount of 1400 pesos only!!!

So here’s my Bohol Country-Side Tour started with joiners being picked from the hotels where we’re staying and then we’re taken directly to:

  1. The Historical Blood Compact Shrine – This shrine is locally known as Sandugo which means translates to one blood. The blood compact Shrine is the exact site where Spanish explorer Captain General Miguel Lopez de Legaspi and Datu Sikatuna, a chieftain of Bohol drew blood from their palms, poured it into a cup and drank it as a symbol of their friendship.
  2. Baclayon Church- The second stop is in the La Purisima Concepcion de la Virgen Maria Parish Church commonly known as the Baclayon Church. This is the oldest Church in the Philippines and was declared as the National Treasure of the country. 20190420_1346356213053647720263238.jpg
  3. The Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary- This is where we got a very rare chance to see the world’s smallest primate, the adorable, bug-eyed tarsier. This institution is dedicated to the preservation on the endemic tarsier of Bohol.
  4. Loboc River Floating Restaurant– Fourth stop and my fave one was having a delightful buffet lunch on a floating and moving restaurant! This is a cruise along the river where visitors could enjoy a lush of tropical visitation such as nipa palms, coconut trees, banana grooves, and a small waterfalls at the end of the cruise.
  5. Bilar Man-made Forest– Is a stretch of 2 kilometer man-made mahogany forest located in the border of Loboc and Bilar. We arrived here at around 12 noon that made the long road crowded by tourists. Though crowded, I could still see the forest stands out because of the uniformity in height of the big trees.
  6. Chocolate Hills – The last and the highlight of my trip is seeing in person the world-famous Chocolate Hills of Bohol. This chocolate brown cone-shaped hills are a very strange geological formation that has baffled a lot of geologists until now. The hills seemed endless when viewed atop the hill in Carmen and it really left me amazed by its beauty and wonder.

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