Hello! My name is Shiela, not a writer.

I’m a full time special education teacher and a frustrated photographer who lives in aย  paradise with 7, 641 islands, the Philippines.

I created this blog last 2016 with no idea on what to post. Summer of 2018 arrived when I suddenly bumped into this account and decided to published the draft I created 2 years ago. From then, I realized that I want to write about my little adventures to keep them fresh in my memory. And without knowing, I fell down the rabbit hole of blogging.

I’m new to blogging and I know a little how it works. As you explore around, you’ll notice that this page is not yet that organize. Well, I’m still learning and working on making this page a better one. What I’m hoping is, may the blogs I published could help you in your future travels and you may find it entertaining or maybe an inspiration yourself.

If you have any post requests please feel free to send an email to: shielathym@gmail.com

So, that’s for now. Have fun reading and exploring!

Thank you!