The Unspoiled Hinugtan Beach of Buruanga, Aklan

If you’re tired of the maddening crowds of Boracay island and you might want to go somewhere peaceful, with crystal clear blue waters, tall coconut trees, sparkling white sand, and virgin coast views, then Hinugtan Beach is the best for you.

Hinugtan beach in Buruanga, Aklan is a great seascape from the crowded beaches of Boracay island. It is located in the Westernmost part of Aklan and is a coastal Municipality that served as the secret hideaway of the province. It has remained unspoiled due to its proximity to Boracay island and with only a few tourists visiting easch year. This beach is quite similar to Boracay but smaller and older version of it.

This unspoiled beach is located on the foot of a hill with a kilometer of shore line, where guests are free to swim on the sea, lie on the sand, play volleyball or fresbee, take a nap on the bamboo cottages, ride on a swing, and other fun activities imaginable.

How to get here

From Boracay

The private boat that operates from Boracay to Hinugtan picks up guest from boat station 1. This day tour package cost 2, 500 pesos per person, for a minimum of 10 guests per trip (Lunch is included).

The 45 minute boat ride will surely leave its passengers in great awe with the panoramic view of limestone cliffs, crystal blue waters, and white shoreline of Hinugtan Beach.

From Iloilo

Since my bestfriend and I are coming from Iloilo, we hit the road by bus directly to Buruanga, Aklan. Go down the bus in Brgy. Alegria, Buruanga where the port is located and choose whether you want to reach Hinugtan by land or by sea. Ask suggestions from the locals especially when you are not sure about the weather. In our case we chose to ride the boat beause we don’t have much time to trek the hilly part before reaching hinugtan. We paid 600 pesos for our back and fort boat ride plus the sidetrip which is already good for two pax and travel time is 30 minutes. The boatride we had was a rollercoaster ride since the waves were so big and the boat was so small that it could only carry a maximum of 4 people (ka thrilling gneπŸ˜…). Good thing was manong bankero was so expert in this field and he’s so accommodating that he even brought us to our resort. He fetch us the next morning and we had our sidetrip in Jambo beach resort. We stayed for about 2 hours on that beach mostly in the swing on a high tide.

But if you really want to go directly to Hinugtan beach by land with a 10 minute of trekking, you can negotiate the single motor driver to bring you there. Usually it will cost you 200 pesos (good for 1 or 2 passenger).

Note: prepare 50 pesos for the environmental fee

Overnight stay

Overnight stay is possible because a number of resorts are available along the beach. Expect that there’s no cell phone signal in most parts of the beach but electricity and water supply are very stable.

Since we brought our tent, we only payed 500 pesos for the accommodation plus the use of the common cr, pillows and foam (what a very comfy camp night).


We didn’t spent much in food because we had our baons (sandwishes, canned goods, bottled water, and chichirias).

There are sari-sari stores available if you want to buy the basics like biscuits, chichirias and drinks.



Well..experiencing paradise again does not mean spending too much of our hard earned money. We we’re able to enjoy our weekend with a minimum budget of 1,500 pesos only! (With san mig light while on the swing looking at the stars..charot). So, if you want to also experience the serene beach vibe of this unspoiled beach without sacrificing much of your savings, then bring your baons and tent! And bawal ang mag inarte!✌


Andana Oh Na Na

Guimaras the idyllic island is known for its sweet mangoes and its natural wonders. For us, this 15-minute boat ride from Iloilo is our easy and fast escape from our hustle and bustle life.

We usually go to the unspoiled beaches of this island on long weekends spending 1 or 2 nights renting a cottage or sleeping in a tent. But now, it’s totally different from what we’re used to because we’re staying in a luxurious accommodation, the Andana Resort.

This resort located in a hidden cove southwest of Guimaras island just opened last December 2017 with classy suites, white sand shorelines, prestine waters, and extravant landscapes. This high-end resort has 70 rooms which includes the beach pod, pool side suite, sea view one bedroom suite, and presidential suite.

We chose to stay in a beach pod since we want the seaside view and the cuteness of the room. Since the pods are too small, 2 pods share a shower/toilet in between pods. Literally, beach pods are far from the pool and restaurants. So, whenever you want to access these amenities you have to call the front desk for the shuttle service and take flight of stairs. But if you wish to have an easy access to the resort’s amneties, then book the pool side suite.

The sea-side view outside the beach pod

The Restaurants

This restaurant is located between the reception building and the pool area that serves American, Italian, and Filipino dishes with some twist.

I wasn’t able to take a photo of their famous ‘sinigang na baboy sa mangga’ since we were eager to taste it and already so hungry that time.

After our scrumptious dinner we headed to Danilo’s Beach Bar just a few steps down the second level after the pool. We had some cocktails in this bar overlooking the nighty serenity of the sea. We also had our buffet breakfast the next morning here. And that was one of the best breakfasts I had!

The Beach

The resort’s beach offers many activities such as beach volleyball, kayaks, and the floating water park. The early morning stroll and swimming at the beach is already satisfying. The sound of the waves, the fresh salty air, and the scenery are just perfect for those looking for a relaxing getaway.



How to get here

If you are from Manila, the direct flight is to Iloilo because there’s no direct flight to Guimaras. From Iloilo airport, take a cab going to Ortiz Wharf, and take a 15-minute boat ride going to Jordan Wharf. After getting off the Jordan Wharf, choose a ride that you want to bring you to the resort. The Guimaras Tourism may assist you in choosing the kind of vehicle you want that suits your budget and comfort. There are SUVs, jeepneys, multicabs, tricycles, and single motorcyles could take you there at negotiable rates. Andana resort has vans that could pick you up from there for P1,000.00 (max of 8 persons). And we ended up getting the tricycle which cost us 600 pesos back and forth.


Day tour

Weekdays- P 380.00

Weekends- P480.00

Pool and beach access plus snacks- P880.00

Overnight accommodations


Beach Pod- P4, 880++

Poolside suite- P8,880 NETT

Seaview one-bedroom suite- P18,880++

Presidential Suite- P24,800+

Extra person rate- P1,800 NETT